Meet The Team

Tracey Brooks

I first started working at Cootham Pre-School in 1998 and shortly after took over the ownership and management in 1999, setting up Bury Manor Pre-School in 2016. To read stories to the children, to make them jump when it gets to the scary part, to sing and dance with them and to plan a creative, messy, vibrant, and stimulating atmosphere is so rewarding.


I am the Deputy Manager and have worked with Tracey for ten years, previously a Cootham parent. Learning through experimenting and questioning why things happen is an extremely rewarding side of the job. The children’s confidence in their own ability, self-worth and friendships grow just in time for their next adventure at ‘big school’. I know these skills, memories and friendships will last them way beyond our care, just as it has with my children.


I have been working at Cootham and Bury Manor Pre-School since 2015 and have a Diploma in Nursery Nursing. I first met Tracey when I was a Nanny and would bring one of my children to her pre-school. I especially enjoy following the children’s progress from tiny two year olds to the confident four-year-old children going off to big school.


I joined the team in 2018 after teaching Yoga regularly to the children. I have Advanced GNVQ Health and Social Care and several accredited UK Yoga Alliance qualifications in teaching yoga including Yoga For Kids and Families. My favourite part of the day is spending time in the outdoor spaces with the children, playing in the woods, walks along the river and running races on the field.


I studied in Manchester and have a Degree in Illustration. I gained a Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certificate and taught English to children in China, Vietnam, and Colombia for three years. I love being outdoors and am grateful that we can spend a lot of time outside with the children. I like all the musical activities particularly making up funny songs with them on the guitar.


I have a long history with Cootham Pre-School. Myself and my younger sister attended Cootham when we were children and my son Archie began in September 2017 when I first met Tracey. No two days are the same, but my favourite thing is observing the children learning through play and I love being outside with them!